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TF401 TRANSFORM Tapered Oval Breast Form

TF401 TRANSFORM Tapered Oval Breast Form

$ 229.95


These symmetrical tapered ovals can be turned in several directions for best fit to add fill where needed on either side of the body. If worn sideways they give fill on the side of the pectoral muscle and work well with strapless dresses. If worn in a vertical position with halter dresses they add fill at the top of the muscle or breast area. “Tapered” means that the “wing” at the top of the oval gets gradually thinner for a great transition to the natural tissue.  The wing is thin enough to fit closely against the body to remain undetectable in a variety of bras. (Choose a “full” oval if you want fullness up the chest or on the side.  Choose a “tapered” oval if you want a more subtle transition from the form to your natural tissue.)

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